Answered: Autonomous Handling

As per rule G7, it is not permitted for a coach to touch the controls

Does this only apply to actually controlling something, or touching the controller at all?

So if the driver wants to reposition the robot in autonomous, is it permitted for the coach to hold the controller to hand back to the driver, or does it need to be placed in neutral territory?

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As per G7, quoted in the above post, Coaches are prohibited from touching the controls at anytime during the match. So the scenario you describe with the driver handing the coach the controller is illegal.

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In this case, if only one other person is present with you in nthe alliance station, can they be called a second driver (even though they aren’t driving) for the purpose of the autonomous (and maybe match loads) as above?

Yes, this is both legal and recommended.

Great, thank you very much :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!