Answered: Autonomous instruction after disablement

If a team places their controller on the ground after being disabled (During Driver Control), but the robot continues a pre-programmed autonomous function without input from the drivers. Will any points scored in this method be counted?

If the mechanism is passive and uses no motors or pneumatics, does the ruling change?

Yes, they would still count.

No, the ruling would not change.

Please note the only two rules that call for a Disablement in VEX Skyrise are both Safety rules. If after being Disabled, your robot is still continuing to create unsafe conditions, it will not be allowed back on the field for subsequent matches until the inspectors are confident that this situation will not occur again.

Thank you karthik. I will remember safety, and if I decide to use this strategy, I will not continue unsafe actions. I know safety is a refs and VEX’s highest priority.

You’re welcome!

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