Answered: Autonomous Interaction

At the last competition i went to, this scenario happened. Our alliance partner for sf-1 had an autonomous to drive forward and drop their cube off the back. The opposing alliance had a robot drive completely around the skyrise pyramid and run into my alliance partner. This caused my partner to be pushed into their cube causing it to be counted as un-scored. This caused us to lose the autonomous bonus which may or may not have lost us the match.

Is this legal? I know there are no rules on interaction between the robots in autonomous. Also, their robot didn’t touch any of our cubes, or the starting tiles.

P.S. Nice to see you at the PLTW summit on Monday. I’m Jarred Cool, the speaker from Greenfield Central High School.

Yes, this is legal.

Good seeing you too!

Ok. Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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