Answered: Autonomous Mode and Assisted Driving Aids

I wonder if you can help I have read the HowToRunAutonomousMode.pdf (Within the Programming Sample Code) which states something that

What I am trying to find out is does this mean that for the competition we cannot have Assisted Driving. For example once autonomous mode has finished I would like to enter a mode where by pushing the button can trigger a set of actions accross several motors (eg to raise and arm to a certain point). However if the user CPU has been shut down then I can find no way to do this.

I cannot find a clarification on this and the User mC code examples given seem to imply that the mC actually just enters a different run time loop and is still in control of the robot.

I would appreciate some clarification of when user code is allowed to run…

Which programming software are you using? This sort of question would be best answered by posting in one of the programming specific forum areas (easyC, ROBOTC, etc).


I fail to see how this bears any relation to the programming language. The query is as to the validity of user code running post autonomous mode, or if the user processor is shut down during this period.

For your reference I’m using the C18 compiler, but I still fail to see the relevance to my question

You are allowed to run sub routines during the driver controlled portion of a match.