Answered: Autonomous Points for Alliance

The rules for how teams earn Autonomous Points is listed below.

After using tournament manager, it was noted that both teams on the alliance earn the AP even if a team was a no show or DQed. Reading through the rules, those exceptions are not noted in the AP section. But looking at the WP and SP, those exceptions matter.

But then further in the rules it states that teams will recieve no APs for a no show, and its treated the same as a DQ.

So APs are to be treated the same as WP, and SP, but using the latest version of tournament manager, APs were given to teams who were a no show or DQ. So is this a mistake in tournament manager?

Let me do some investigating. The intent is for a no-shows and DQs not to earn any APs. The wording will be fixed in the August 17th version of the game manual, and in the mean time we’ll take a look to see what’s happening in TM.

The manual has been updated to reflect this discussion.

The next release of Tournament Manager will address this issue.