Answered: autonomous reactivated during a match

sometimes (usually with crystal users) the robot will re-enter autonomous mode in the middle of the match
it is concluded that its the battery leads are loose, causing the split second reboot that would trick the robot into thinking it was just turned on and starts autonomous mode

even though sometimes this happens, what happens when your robot accidentally pins another robot while in the rebooted autonomous mode?
will they get DQ’d or given a grace because it rebooted into autonomous mode?

this happened to a robot and they almost pinned for a full 5 seconds

Normally Karthik answers all these rules questions, but I will give him a hand this time, because I was standing next to the field when something similar to this happened in the semifinals at Worlds in 2009. The pinning rule is:

[INDENT]<SG4> A robot cannot pin an opposing robot for more than five seconds during the driver controlled
period while on the foam playing surface. If a referee determines this rule to be violated, the offending
robot will be disqualified for the match. There is no penalty for pinning during the autonomous period.[/INDENT]

The rule does not allow for why the pinning happens, only that it does. In your example, if it had lasted more than five seconds the offending robot would be called for pinning.