Answered: Autonomous "Repositioning"

According <SG5> :
During the Autonomous Period, Drivers and Coaches may handle their own Robot while the
Robot is in contact with their own Alliance Starting Tile. During contact with the Robot, the Drivers or
Coaches may not intentionally manipulate or modify the position of any Scoring Objects (aside from any
which are being loaded into the Robot), either by direct hand contact or indirect contact via the Robot.
Drivers or Coaches also may not change the configuration of the Robot other than in the act of fixing the
Robot (i.e. it is okay to reposition the robot relative to the field, but it is not okay to manually lift up the
Robot’s arm).

At the Washington Jump Start competition I saw that a few teams would prevent their robot from moving forward in the autonomous period by holding the robot back (and sometimes even lifting it up). Would this be included in the clause “it is okay to reposition the robot relative to the field”, thus being legal? Techincally, they aren’t changing the configuration of the robot (say, lifting a mechanism) or fixing any specific part.

Thanks in advance

As stated in <SG5> which you quoted, Teams are allowed to reorient their robot during the Autonomous Period. Lifting the Robot off the tile would be considered a Reorientation, thus it is legal.