Answered: Autonomous Set Up

I just wanted some quick clarification on the autonomous set up at the beggining of the match. Mt team has been using pre-cut zip ties from the vex kit to meausre out the distance our robot must be set up from the wall. I was reviewing the rules about this yet I’m still a bit confused. According to the manual:

<G2> At the beginning of a match, each robot must be smaller than a volume of 18 inches wide by 18
inches long by 18 inches tall. An offending robot will be removed from the match at the Head Referee’s
a. Alignment devices (templates, tape measures, lasers, etc.) that are not part of the robot may
NOT be used to assist with the positioning of the robot.

Since the zip ties are technically part of the robot, I’m not breaking any rules, am I?

You are correct, you are not breaking any rules.