Answered: Autonomous Tile Question

I know that it is illegal to break the plane of the opposing alliance’s starting tile. However I have a question regarding being pushed into it against what your robot has been programmed to do.

(See Graphic Attachment)
In the 15 second auton:
So bot “A” travels along the orange line and stops at the end of the line, jamming up the opposing autonomous routine. And bot “B” comes back from the goal, marked by the green path, and pushed bot “A” along the yellow line onto its starting tile.

Will bot “A” be disqualified in this scenario? The code for the bot (“A”) did not tell it to go to the opposing tile, and was not powering any motors when broke the plane. Because it was pushed the the opposing bot onto the opposing tile would this be ruled as legal and the match continues on, or would it be ruled as illegal, and the bot be shut down?

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<SG6> does not specify how a Robot comes to break the plane of their opponent’s Alliance Starting Tile. Thus, if a team is pushed into the tile, it would still be in violation of <SG6>, and subject to a Disablement. Please note, there is no Disqualification for violating <SG6>.

Okay I understand. Thank you!

You’re welcome.

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