Answered: Autonomous

  1. Is it legal to reposition your robot if you are touching field objects (balls and barrels)? For example, if my robot was inside tile, but there is objects in my tile. Can I still position it?

  2. Are you able to position your robot to score into a goal?

Let’s take a look at the VEX Gateway Game Manual.

Thus, you may manipulate your Robot while there are Scoring Objects on the Alliance Starting Tile, however you may not manipulate or modify the position of any of these Scoring Objects.

Yes, this is legal. However, please remember that your Robot must be doing the scoring, not the driver. Please see the following Q&A entry for more details.

Thank you.
One more question.

When you mean position. Am im able to position my robot right over the post to score.

Please carefully read the answer to your previous question, including all quoted rules. Teams are allowed to reposition and reorient robots during the Autonomous Period as per <SG5> quoted above. There is no restriction against positioning the robot over top of a Goal. However, please make sure you have read the entire rule, as there are restrictions against changing the configuration of the robot. (e.g. You cannot lift the Robot’s arm.)

Thank you very much

You’re welcome.