Answered: Bad Refs/<SG10> Clarification

At the South Carolina State Competition, there was one referee that seemed to have a very disrespectful/unprofessional attitude towards several team, especially mine and my alliance partners. I was going to let it go until I saw something that I believe to be against the rules. She told a kid that was sitting to the side of the field to go get a star off of the practice field. Then, when he gave it to her, she went to my side of the field and told one of the other referees to replace a star that had come apart with it. In the rules it clearly states that, “<SG10> Scoring Objects that become split into multiple pieces can no longer be Scored.” NOT, “Scoring object that become split will be replaced during the match.” Can an official from Vex or the Rec Foundation let me know? Such as @Karthik , @VEX Support , @DRow ,etc? In the video it starts at 2:15. I’m the driver with the camo hat on the other side.

I’m having a hard time seeing what the exact question is here. If your question is “should broken Stars be replaced during a Match?” the answer is no.