Answered: Balanced Mobile Goal

I have looked through the Q&A posts, I haven’t seen a post that answers my question. If there is, I apologize for the inconvenience. I thought that there was a post that answered this, but I couldn’t find it. If a mobile goal is balanced on the pipe between the 10 point and the 20 point zone, with no other mobile goals scored, supported by nothing but the pipe, not even touching the ground, how would it be scored (if at all)?
How about if it is on the bar and leaning against the side wall? Would it change if it is leaning against the wall in the 10 pt zone or the wall in the 20 pt zone?

-Thanks in advance!

The definition of 10 Point Zone is quoted here for reference, with a relevant portion bolded for emphasis:

If a Mobile Goal is solely supported by the large pipe, then it is considered in contact with the 10 Point Zone, and would be considered scored in the 10 Point Zone. Please see the relevant referee training video for more details: