Answered: Barrells expand at altitude

We’re from a suburb of Denver, Colorado, which is the “Mile High City.” The barrels that we received appear to have been manufactured and packaged at sea level. At our higher elevation, the higher pressure in the sealed barrels has caused them to deform. See the attached picture.

As you’d expect from the picture, they don’t stack very well when trying to build the wall in the interaction zone, and many of them are outside of the 0.25" variance.

We’re wondering if it would be okay to drill a small hole in the barrels so that the pressure can equalize and return the barrels to spec? The barrel on the left of the picture is “before” and the barrel on the right is “after.” We drilled a hole in the barrel on the right - before that it looked just like the other one!

If this is an acceptable modification to the game pieces, this might be something to pass along to event organizers that might be well above sea level. It also may be something to consider when designing future game elements…

barrell at mile high.jpg

Yes, in extreme cases like this it’s permissible for events to drill a small hole no larger than 1/8" in diameter to alleviate the pressure and allow the Scoring Objects to return back to spec. Thank you for letting us know about this issue.