Answered: Battery clip!


i was passed a question from a team that i mentor, and i thought that i would best check, they have 3 x aa battery holders that fits 6 x AA’s , now according to the manual:

<R13> The only allowable sources of electrical power for a VEX Robotics Competition Robot is any single
(1) VEX 7.2V Robot Battery Pack of any type

Now because the aa battery clip holds 6 x aa. ! aa batteries are 1.5 volts, this makes the aa battery clip a 9v battery. so in theory it would not be legal at it is not the 7.2 v battery clip … (correct) ???

if i could have a ruling as the team wants to use them in competition and i haven’t ever seen it done (they plan to use 2000mah rechargeable batteries)

As stated in the rules, the only allowable source of electrical power is a VEX 7.2V Robot Battery Pack. Using any combination of non VEX batteries is not legal.

ok :smiley: thanks for the quick reply

You’re welcome!

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