Answered: Battery problems

I recently got the battery pack and charged it and put it into my V.5 PIC microconntroller. after mounting the battery in the wrong spot on my robot, and saw that i would have to unplug my battery in order to move. then i realized that i wouldn’t come out because it doesn’t have a release switch. Please tell me how to remove the battery from the microconntroller!

There is no release, just pull the connector out of the Microcontroller. There is a small plastic “wedge” that helps hold the battery connector in place when it is connected to the Microcontroller.

I tried but it won’t work! it’s not coming out and i tried my hardest i even tried with pliers but it’s stuck in the microconntroller please help!!!

it is stuck it is not coming out please any tips?

Use a small flat blade screwdriver and insert it in the small cutout in the top center of the Power opening. The screwdriver will be between gray plastic on the unit and the white plastic of the power connector. Use the screwdriver to push up inside the unit while pulling the white battery connector out of the unit.