Answered: Bolts are too short

I got three turntable bearing kits, and the Aluminum structure Kit with the plan to copy the design on here for the robotic arm.

Guess what . . . the turntable kits, as well as the robot starter kit, do not have bolts long enough to attach the turntable bearing to anything at all (aluminum)! Even the extra long bolts that came with my tank tread kit, can only barely grip the threads of the lock nut (which is the onlyl nut you can use in the turntable bearing.

I need a lot of longer bolts. Where can I get them?


Okay, I see there are longer bolts available in the store under "Hardware - Screws 8-32.

However, I would include four longer bolts with the turntable bearing. Most other items come with mounting hardware, why not this one. Or at the very least, mention at the time of purchase that longer bolts will be necessary.

And, as I am thinking of it, do the same with the Y-serial cable for the LCD. I hate paying for UPS 2nd day air, get the parts, and then I can’t use them because I have to go back to the store to buy an additional part that is **required **for the first one to work (and pay for 2nd day shipping all over again)

These things would make the shopping experience a lot more satisfactory, in my opinion. (Not that it isn’t great already. In all of my orders, the items were packaged and shipped all within an hour of me making my purchase, which is outstanding!)


Hello Todd,

We appreciate your feedback, as one of our main goals is customer satisfaction.
I will make sure your feedback reaches the appropriate department.

Hi Todd,
Can you provide more details about your application so I can better understand your problem? A picture would be worth at LEAST a thousand words in this case…