Answered: Bonus Ring Released

In the Game Manual under Game Definitions, the definition of “RELEASED” states that the Bonus Tray is Released when both Latches have been activated such that there are no more Rings contacting the Bonus Tray. Does this also apply to the Robot Skills Driver and Programming Skills Matches? i.e. In the game release video, in one scene there is only one robot on the field and it releases the rings, yet later on there are two robots on the field and they release the rings.
In the Robot driver and programming skills competition, will teams be allowed to press one of the release buttons before they start the match. This is not stated in the Game Manual.

The same definition of Released applies in both Teamwork Challenge Matches and Robot Skills Matches. In Robot Skills Matches one Robot will need to activate both Latches if they wish to Release the Bonus Tray.