Answered: Bot designed to prevent scoring? (<SG5> related)

So as of right now, my team and I are currently competing at the Northern New York State competition. What we’ve found is a robot that is built specifically to knock over mobile bases. Basically, it’s a bot with a bar just tall enough to touch the tip of a mobile base to topple it along with a mobile base chassis intake. I know it doesn’t directly de-score, but during a match it may make it incredibly difficult to impossible to be able to score that mobile base in ten or twenty zones in the future(as in my team’s case, we are unable to grasp cones or bases that have been toppled).
Now, the bot has also had an instance where they knocked over an enemy’s mobile base with a cone stacked atop it. My team and I discussed that although it didn’t affect the fact that the topple bot lost(the margin they lost by was over 30 points, that mobile base toppled or not wouldn’t have changed that they lost), it’s still considered de-scoring.
So a short version of this story: is a bot specially designed to knock over mobile bases(before they have been touched by the enemy team or had cones stacked on them) ** allowed?**

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