Answered: Broken VEXNET keys

About 3 or 4 weeks ago my team upgraded all of our old equipment. We had no problems getting everything up and running however we took a 2 week break and when we came back we found that one of the VEXNET keys wasn’t working. After trouble shooting we found that it was because the key wasn’t connecting to the usb port without us fiddling with it. Once we stopped moving it it would disconnect no matter what cortex or joystick we used. I read a post earlier and they had the same problem but I can no longer find it. Is there any known way to fix this issue or do we need to waste an other 40$ for a new VEXNET key. We have only used these keys a handle full of times and they have never been abused, dropped or damaged in anyway.

Thanks in advance

Team dynamo,

If you wish to return your Keys for further analysis please request a RMA here: