Answered: Bumping/Knocking Robots off Hanging Bar

Hi Karthik,

I have a question regarding intentionally bumping or knocking robots that are either hanging or trying to hang, which possibly results in them falling off the bar. I am aware of SG7, but would like a clarification regarding the time before the last 30 seconds.

If Robot A were to drive into/ram/hit Robot B, which is trying to hang or hanging, would there be any penalty or warning for Robot A if it affects Robot B? If Robot B lands normally on the ground vs. lands tipped or out of the field, would that have a difference on what happens to Robot A?


There is no specific rule against this behaviour, but teams should always be mindful of <G11>, which is quoted below.

Thanks Karthik!

So, if I understand correctly, it is permitted to knock robots off the bar (before the last 30s), as long as the intention is only to stop them from hanging and not to intentionally tip, damage, or entangle them. If as a result of falling or being knocked off the robot land tipped over, would that penalize the robot that knocked them off?

Yes, however in general, any attempt to knock a team off the Hanging Bar would be heavily scrutinized under <G11>, and most likely would be considered an excessive/egregious action.

Okay, makes sense. Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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