Answered: Buying Additional Pneumatics Rules Clarification- Allowed or not?

Hi all,
So, in considering our designs this season, we know that we want to use pneumatics , and that we will need a lot of actuations, therefore we would like to use 2 reservoirs. I also want to be able to pressurize each cylinder, as well as being able to recess the cylinders (eg, not fill them directly) I know that in the past, teams such as 1103 Currahee, used pneumatic components not currently offered on the VEX website such as the one shown here: would it or would it not be allowed to purchase and use such components? (this component did come from SMC, the same manufacturer of the components we can purchase directly from VEX). I know this is an incredibly general question, but I am hoping that the information I have provided is suffice for a ruling.

Hi JCurtis,

The only pneumatic components that are legal in the VRC are ones that are included or were previously included in the pneumatics kits that are sold as part of the VEX EDR product line. It’s important to keep the following in mind: