Answered: Cage Bot Possession

Hello everyone. I have a critical question to ask the vex community and would like an answer as soon as possible. We had a competition on December 2nd at Masuk High School in which there was a robot (placed 11th in qualification) with the name “cage bot.” For clarification “cage bot” has a rectangular box that wraps around 2 of their opponent’s mobile goals and captures them so their opponent cannot score them in a zone. On top of that they would move them around for the entire match and when you go to score yellow cones on those mobile goals, they knock it down from the robot and I am not sure if that’s intentional or not. Several other people and I have called it illegal. However, judges and referees did not call them out for possession. That being said, please look at the image and reply whether or not it is illegal. Thank you.

It is always difficult to provide a blanket ruling based off of a snapshot of an entire match. That being said, the robot in the photo does not appear to be breaking any rules. Please see these two Q&A’s and the Q&A Summary document for more information: