Answered: Camera

Would it be legal to have a GoPro camera or any other small camera on board the robot?

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No, this would not be legal. Cameras are not part of the VEX Robotics Design System (Rule <R5>) and not among the allowed additional “non-VEX” components allowed by Rule <R7>. These rules can be found in the VEX Sack Attack Game Manual. They are quoted below for your convenience.

Even if it does not help the robot perform better in any way…basically it is just to be able to record the matches from the inside of the robot it does not benefit the robot or driver in any way during competition

Alright, we’re going to go with last year’s ruling, and allow the use of a “small” camera.

A small camera that is self powered (i.e. not connected to the VEX Microcontroller), not using any wireless capabilities and is not transmitting any data during the match would be considered a non functional decoration, thus legal. Teams using a small camera to record videos or pictures for use after the match is legal. Teams using a camera for feedback during the match is prohibited.

Please note the use of the word “small”. We do not want to see teams taking advantage of this rule to use a large camera as ballast for their robot. It will be up to the inspectors to determine if they think a camera is inappropriately large. A good guideline to follow; small webcams and digital cameras are fine, large SLR cameras not so much. Please use common sense when choosing your camera.

Ok, thank you

You’re welcome.