Answered: Can a robot elevate by lifting itself on the perimeter?

I’m told that in past years, the metal field perimeter was considered to be outside the playing field, but in the definition of robot elevation, the NBN game manual says the following:

High Elevated – A Robot is High Elevated if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. It is touching the other Robot on its Alliance
  2. The Robot that it is touching (see criteria #1), is entirely within the Climbing Zone
  3. It is not touching any Field Elements, excluding the field perimeter.
  4. The entire Robot is completely above the plane parallel to the foam field tiles, formed by the top of the field perimeter.

Does this mean that a robot can place part of itself on the metal perimeter, lift itself up, then allow its alliance to touch it to achieve a low or high elevation?

No, this is not allowed. The intent of these rules are to only allow one Elevated Robot per alliance. These rules will be clarified as part of the June 15th manual update. We apologize for the confusion.

Okay, thanks for the quick answer.

You’re welcome!

No, this is not legal. On June 15th we updated the definition of High Elevated was updated to the following (with major changes marked in bold):

As such, High Elevated Robots may not touch the field perimeter.