Answered: Can event partners restrict their tournament to teams from their region?

Question: Since World Championships qualifying spots are now limited by region, can we restrict our tournament to just teams from our region?

Answer: World Championship qualifying tournaments **must **be open to any registered VRC team. Non-qualifying tournaments may be restricted by region, age, group affiliation, or any other reasonable criteria. For example, if an event partner wants to hold an event just for teams from a particular school district or just Girl Scout teams, that is fine, but they cannot be qualifiers for the VRC World Championship. If you want to hold a restricted event, please contact your RECF representative for guidelines.

Question: Can a VRC World Championship qualifying event be restricted in any way?

Answer: Yes.

  1. It can be middle school or high school only.
  2. It can require qualifying based on performance. For example, you might have to win another tournament to qualify for a state championship.
  3. It can require league membership if it is a league event. League play is a pilot program for 2011-2012, and all pilot leagues have already been established.
  4. Some events restrict the number of teams that may register from a single school or club.

Question: Don’t you think it’s not fair that teams from another state can come and take our spots?

Answer: Each region has extra qualifying spots built into the current criteria since we know that teams will play across regional boundaries. You can also go play in other regions yourself.