Answered: Can we.....?


It looks like there is going to be at least a handful of wallbots at the competition in Anaheim, and while I don’t wish to pick on them or question their legality (that’s between them and the judges) We do want to formulate a strategy should we be facing them in competition.

With that being said, the robot in this video is a good example.

Since it appears as though this robot will be on the left side of the alliance tile, We have a potential strategy but we are not sure if it would get us disqualified, and we would obviously rather lose than have a DQ!

Now for the question. If the robot directly across from this wallbot were to move a bit to it’s left and place it’s spatula under the wallbots extension and lift it up to allow the alliance robot who would be on the left to cross under the lifted section would that be legal? If so, and the wallbot had some type of extension that caught the lip of the field perimeter would that be latching?

I am certain that the wallbots have been thought out well enough to where crossing over them will be unlikely, so we want to have some type of strategy to prevent being stuck spending the 1:45 placing sacks in our floor goal.


Yes, this would be legal.

We cannot issue a blanket ruling on this hypothetical situation. However, it does not sound like the latching would be intentional, thus it probably would not be a violation of <SG9>.