Answered: Can you INTENTIONALLY make contact with field elements during Programming Matches?

[LEFT]Rule <G7> states, “Drivers are prohibited from making intentional contact with any Field Element or Robots during a Match…” Does that apply to the Programming Skills Match as well when the robot is under full autonomous control? For example, as part of our autonomy strategy, can the robot use the field elements to help square-up/realign with the field by bumping into it?[/LEFT]

[LEFT]As for during Drivers or Team Matches, is “momentarily” running a robot against a perimeter wall to square the robot up with the field considered in violation of <G7>? What about dragging a ring lift mechanism on the top of the wall in preparation of capturing the rings on the starter posts?[/LEFT]

Robot contact with Field Elements, such as the field perimeter, is perfectly legal. Rule <G7> refers to human Drive Team Members, not Robots.

All of the examples given in your post would be considered legal.