Answered: Can you turn on or shut off the on/off button during autonomous

If the rule is this…

I also note it doesn’t directly state the penalty for doing this.

I have two questions.

If a team realizes they have forgotten to turn their controller on, after the autonomous period begins, may they turn it on during the autonomous period or will they have to wait until driver control period begins?

Additionally may a team turn their controller off if they have, for example, realized they have the wrong autonomous (blue side instead of red) or maybe their robot’s autonomous has done something wrong and begins to damage their bot?

I am not talking about multiple applications of a on/off switch, I am referring to a single application of the on/off switch.

During the Autonomous Period, Drivers may not interact with their controls, including the on/off switch at all, thus both situations you’ve described are illegal. This is spelled out in <G8>, quoted below.

Thank you for the reply.
Others were trying to convince me (and other officials) that the on/off switch wasn’t a “control”

And to piggy on to this, after I posted this clarifying question, I was also asked, what if you just disconnect your controller from the field during the autonomous period?

Sorry for persisting on this Karthik, but I really want this crystal clear.
And thanks again in advance.

This is not permitted at anytime during a Match

No reason to apologize; we specify in crystal clarity. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

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:cool: Crystal clear is good for water and VEX rules…

Sounds about right to me.