Answered: Can't connect my Cortex (Replaced batterys in Joystick.)

I just replaced my dead batterys in the joystick, and I reseted them, and they won’t talk to each other. I linked them with the USB and they said they were done. I uploaded the master code to each of them. They still won’t talk.

I just tried again. When there trying to talk to each other, they do there normal thing and then BOOM!! …They both start flashing red. Like, 2 fast flashes, the a long wait. Help please!

When I power up the Cortex and the joystick, it does the normal thing and the Cortex and the joystick do 2 blinks and a pause. I have linked them with the USB cord, and the joystick instantly goes red, green, green. The Cortex goes green and green. How should I trouble shoot? I’ve been working for 2 days on this…

**I would update your programming software. Now update Master Code in the Joystick and CORTEX using the Upgrade Tool that is part of your programming software. Now Tether/Pair the CORTEX and Joystick using a USB A-A Cable.

Does the Upgrade Tool verify that both units are “up-to-date”? Do you get a solid Green VEXnet LED during Tethering for a minimum of 5 seconds?**

Which LEDs on each unit are which color? Which ones are flashing and which ones are solid? Have you tried different VEXnet KEYs? Do the units work OK when Tethered?

  1. The VexNet leds are the only ones that are blinking.
  2. I don’t have anymore Vexnet keys…

Respond FAST!

I have updated the master code for each. I’ll try a third time now. And when there tethered, there normal. Joystick is solid red, green and green in that order. Cortex is solid green and green in that order. It still doesn’t work…

Hello once again. I have another problem. Uploading the master code…



Image link:

Please email at for a fix.

I’m sorry but I don’t have an email yet. I’ve been trying to make one for days on Google, but Google has a problem right now… So, IDk.

I suggest you call our Tech Support at 903-453-0802.

I just got an email just now. What should I email you?

I have the latest programming software, and I might get new keys soon. Maybe this Saterday. We’ll just see. Oh and thanks for holding on.:slight_smile:

Send me an email so I can let you try a different Upgrade Tool.

This is not a problem anymore because we just got a new microcontroller.

I am glad you found a solution.