Answered: Chain scoring with different color tubes

For scoring tube chains in round up: do the tubes need to be in contact with tubes of the same color or can the colors contrast? an example would be a stack of 6 red tubes presed against one blue tube on a goal post. The bottom red touching the floor will not be counted but will the rest of the red tubes affectivley “chain” touching the blue tube be scored?

This answer has been updated in the following post to reflect the new manual edition from 11/17/2010. This answer only remains here as an archive. Please see the following post for the correct answer.

The tubes do not have to be the color. The definition of scored in reference to tubes touching other scored tubes does not specify that they have to be the same color.

The chain scoring you mention is no longer a valid by the new definition of scored, which was updated in the VEX Round Up Game Manual on 11/17/2010