Answered: Checks and Balances for GDC and RECF

Based on previous events and situations that have occurred, it has raised many concerns for teams globally.

In the case an event coordinator messes up (we all make mistakes) in a ruling for a team, or if the RECF representative at an event; makes a ruling that is not by-the-rulebook, what is the overall ruling?

For example, an RECF representative at a competition says that a team is disqualified because they broke a certain rule, but the rule doesn’t exist or isn’t enforced correctly; can the RECF or GDC correct the disqualification (if significant enough) after the competition?

This is a massive concern for the upcoming 2018-19 season as many referees at competitions are volunteers and have slight discrepancies here and there making the competition environment unfair.


The purpose of this Q&A forum is to answer specific rules questions regarding VRC In the Zone. If you have specific concerns about a given event, your best route is to contact the REC Foundation.

Your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager can be found here:

The general REC Foundation support email is .

For non-rules inquiries, the GDC can be reached at .