Answered: Clarification about <SG8>

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Am I right to say that, if I were to build a robot that covered a trough, the opposing team is allowed to try to get past me by ramming and such, but if they were to drop sacks on my robot, it would be illegal?

If it is legal for them to drop sacks on my robot and the sacks are touching my robot and above the trough when the game ends, would it be counted as being scored?

Please see the following Q&A entry, which discusses this exact situation:

It is not illegal to drop Sacks on an opposing Robot while in the process of trying to Score.

Let’s take a look at the final part of the definition of Scored from the [

Thus, if the Sacks remain in a Scored position if/when all robots are gently pulled away from the Goal, then yes, they would count as being Scored.