Answered: Clarification of Built and Robot Touching

Sorry to have to ask a question that the rule itself basically already answers, but I was a referee at a tournament this past weekend and there was a disagreement regarding leniency per this rule. In case this disagreement happens again, I would like to have a Q&A to point to.

Am I correct that there should be no leniency regarding touching? If a robot is touching a Skyrise section, that section (and all sections above it, and all cubes on it) should be nullified, regardless of if the robot is in any way supporting the Skyrise sections it’s touching, correct?

What if the only thing touching the Skyrise section is a motor wire? Would that still be considered touching?

Thank you volunteering as a referee!

This is correct.

This is correct.

Yes, this would still be considered touching, as the motor wire is touching the Skyrise Section.

Awesome, hopefully this should prevent any future disagreements, thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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