Answered: Clarification of Event Modifications (Field Height, standing on objects)

According to Event Modifications, near the section of Field Height(Uncategorized) it states that;

So what exactly counts as “any sort of object”? Could you use stilts, or anything attached to the leg, or is it just things that aren’t secured? Could we get some clarification to what can be used? Some members of our club have a height disadvantage if you could call it that. We had a drive last year broke his ankle and was in crutches. Would he be forced to lean on his crutches, and not be able to sit down if he wanted to see over the field?


Aids for medical purposes, such as crutches or a wheelchair, would be considered acceptable exceptions to this rule. For your driver in crutches, a chair would be acceptable. Please make sure to contact the Event Partner for the events you will be attending to let them know your situation.

Any other aids, such as stilts or stepstools to help drivers with a height disadvantage, would not be permitted.