Answered: Clarification of <G4> and adult interaction

We had a situation at a middle school event where an adult and several high school aged coaches seemed to do everything for a team…carried the robot to the field, set the robot in the field and lined everything up and sometimes loaded balls. The only thing the middle school competitor did was run the remote control during the match. As a teacher, I find it not only unfair, but also disappointing to see this happening and the learning opportunities lost for those students.

According to G4, I would interpret that this would not be legal. So my question for clarification, is it legal for an adult or high school aged coach to have this much interaction at a middle school only event?

<G4> only applies to interactions during the Match. There are no rules preventing the type of actions that you’ve described. However, during the Match, the only person that can load Driver Control Loads is a Student Drive Team Member.

As stated previously in these forums: “We encourage students to seek out adult mentorship from teachers, parents, college students, and industry professionals, in an effort to enhance and enrich their experience as a VRC participant.” How adults choose to act as mentors on a team is solely up to the team itself. We hope that our participants would use good judgement and work to ensure the best possible experience for all student team members.