Answered: Clarification of Possession

Suppose my robot was a hollow 18" cube, incapable of movement, with no top and no bottom (and a cortex and other materials necessary to meet the official definition of Robot). Further suppose that my alliance partner drops many cones into my robot, one by one, such that some are:

  1. not touching the robot and not supported by any cones
  2. touching the robot and not supported by any cones
  3. not touching the robot but supported by cones that are touching the robot
  4. touching the robot and supported by cones touching the robot

Which of these cones, if any, is my robot in Possession of?

Your Robot would be in possession of all of these Cones. Part of the definition of possessing is “controlling the movement”. Although the Robot is not moving the cones, because it is preventing its movement by others and it is within its frame perimeter (thus in the Robot) it is, in fact, controlling the Cone’s movement even though it is not actually moving.