Answered: Clarification of <R4a>

<R4a> At the beginning of any match, robots must be smaller than 18” x 18” x 18”.
a. During inspections, robots will be measured in one of two ways
i. Robots will be placed into a “sizing box” which has interior dimensions matching the above size constraints. To pass inspection, a robot must fit within the box without touching the box walls or ceiling.
ii. Robots will be sized using a VEX Robotics Competition Robot Sizing Tool. Robots will be placed on a flat surface and must not touch the measurement slide as it is passed over the surface. Please see for a visual reference.

How will this measurement be performed when a star is loaded on a robot and it is not practical to use a sizing box or sizing tool? Should this rule be extended to include a measurement technique that would be effective with a star loaded (e.g, tape measure)? I don’t think it is as easy as saying the robot would be measured without a star because the star can impact the configuration/size of the robot and needs to be included during the measurement.

For a Robot to pass inspection, they must be able to fit in the “sizing box” without the presence of a Star. If the Star is what is constraining the Robot within the sizing limits, then the Robot should not have passed inspection as this is not a legal configuration.

If a referee is measure a Robot at the field prior to the match, and sees a reason that the Star needs to be present, then they can use a measuring tape and/or yard stick. But it’s essential to remember, as stated above, the Star cannot be used to keep the Robot within the sizing limits.