Answered: Clarification of Rule <G3> and Alliance

According to rule <G3> Each team shall include up to three Drive Team Members. No Drive Team Member may fulfill
this role for more than one team at any given event.

The spirit of rule <SG6> allows the alliance team member to assist in human loading all robots on the field.

In the case of a 3 team alliance in the finals, if Robot A and Robot B are on the field, is a team member from Alliance member C allowed to act as a human loader for the alliance?

No, this is not legal. The only people allowed in the Alliance Station are the Drive Team Member from Teams A and B.

In the case of an infraction of this I assume the violating team is disqualified for the match. Should it be the team that the member joined or the team the member originally started with. In other words if a member of team C helped team A and the violation was noted on the second match, which match receives the disqualification?

We would hope that the teams would be warned before the Match, and that the referee would ask the extra person to leave.

Since this is an Elimination Match scenario, any potential Disqualification would be applied to the entire alliance.