Answered: Clarification of rule SG6

In the state of Minnesota there has been high amounts of confusion in regards to rule SG6 at a tournament and team level. In a scenario where a robot is touching the loading zone and the intake is outside the loading zone but inside the lifting zone, is it legal for a ball to be gently rolled into the robot from the lifting zone outside of the loading zone? This would help not only our team but the whole team. Thanks.

Let’s take a look at the exact wording of the rule. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

Let’s break this down. When entering the Driver Contol Load into the field, the first thing the Ball must touch is either:
a) A Robot that is contacting the Loading Zone
b) The Loading Zone

For your specific scenario, if the first thing the Ball touches is the Robot, this would be legal, as the Robot is contacting the Loading Zone. If the first thing the Ball touches is a portion of tile that is outside the Loading Zone, this would be illegal, as neither of the two clauses listed above would be met.