Answered: Clarification of "Rules Check Concerning Cones & Zones"

In Rules Check Concerning Cones & Zones, you ruled that it is legal to move cones (that are not Scored) into your opponent’s 10pt and 20pt zones, as long as you do not enter the zones themselves. You also noted that because of <SG9>, you are restricted to doing this one cone at a time. However, in Pending: Pushing Many Cones with Flat Surface you ruled that it was legal to intentionally push multiple cones with a concave surface beyond moving them out of the way. Could one use the first ruling in conjunction with the second to push multiple cones into your opponent’s zones, using a concave surface, and not entering their 10pt or 20pt zones? Or does doing so constitute hoarding, as per <SG9>?


Please see this Q&A for further clarification on hoarding. Also, remember that per the definition of Possession, controlling the movement of multiple Cones using a concave portion of your robot is always considered Possession, regardless of intent.

However, based on the question you linked to, I think you intended to say a flat surface, not a concave one. In that case, the act you are describing would be considered moving them to a specific portion of the field with the intent of collecting and hiding them away. Therefore, it would be considered hoarding and a violation of <SG9>. If this is not the intent of the question, please feel free to clarify and re-submit.