Answered: Clarification of Scoring Objects Touching the Neutral and Low Scoring Zones

Recently, at a tournament that I attended, we were told by the referees that scoring objects which were touching the neutral zone and one alliance’s scoring zone (not one alliance’s and their opponent’s scoring zone) would not be counted. This is because the neutral zone was defined as an opposing zone so, under note 3 in the definition of scored in the game manual, the scoring object would not be scored in any zone because it was touching two opposing zones.

However, I interpreted note 3 to be that scoring objects would not be scored only if they were touching the scoring zones of the two competing alliances partly because of this Q/A: Therefore, under my interpretation, scoring objects which were just touching the area under the fence and one alliance’s scoring zone would be scored as scoring objects in the low scoring zone.

For clarification for upcoming tournaments, which interpretation of the rules is correct?

Thank you

This is incorrect.

This is correct

Scoring Objects that are touching a coloured Zone, as well as touching tiles that are not in a coloured Zone, should still be Scored.