Answered: Clarification of <SG2>

A couple of questions concerning this rule here:

  1. Is this to be interpreted as an option or a requirement? Because, inevitably, some robots will not function, and if they still join the match, their team is at a slight disadvantage with the extra balls (generally), albeit a small one. If, however, there is a match where three teams know their robots are non-functional and the fourth is not on the field at all, would teams be allowed to not put in cubes in order to force a tie instead of a loss (or a win as it may be; obscurely, the side with one robot would win if none of them worked and balls had to be placed in)?

  2. If it is an obligation rather than a choice to preload balls, would a non-functioning robot be allowed to get pulled out of the match, forfeiting potential Ranking and Strength of Schedule points for the benefit of the other team on their side?

And, in an unrelated question: if a team is dq’ed or disabled during gameplay because their robot crossed to the other side, are balls controlled by their robot a) removed from play, b) removed from the robot and placed back on to the field somewhere, c) left where they lie, along with the robot (counting against whichever side they’re on), d) automatically counted against the offending team’s score e) other?

It is an option. Teams are not obligated to preload any or all of the balls available to them via <SG2>. Any balls which the alliance chooses not to preload will remain out of play for the match.

Since it’s not an obligation, your question does not directly apply.

Option ‘c’. When a robot is disabled, no attempt will be made to move the robot or any balls that the robot may have in it’s possession.

Please note, by rule <SG4>, intentionally contacting the tiles in your opponent’s scoring zone is penalized by disablement, not disqualification.