Answered: Clarification of SG9

We wanted to check just to be sure on a mechanism of ours regarding SG9. The rule states that the robot can’t latch itself on, and the third picture in the group of examples shows basically the field element with an upside down v shape on top of it. We made similar diagrams of our question in the attached image and wanted to check to see if they are legal. The picture attached includes two diagrams of two separate questions of legality.

The intent of these is not to “latch” onto the field, but to hold our mechanism over top of it, with a piece down the side as well. I seem to remember the refs stating last year that 2W’s mechanism to hold onto the center 30" goal was allowed because they were not “latched” on because they could remove it at any time. Similarly, our mechanism would also not be attached to the field in any way as the whole system would be on an arm and could be removed at any point. It seems like this may be a simple question seeing as it is just what the manual said is legal rotated 45 degrees, but we want to be sure.


Based on the provided pictures, the devices would seem to be legal. However, we obviously cannot give you a blanket answer based on a very rough sketch. The final determination would be made by the inspectors and referees at your events based on the final implementation of your design.