Answered: Clarification of VUR2 regarding plastic "alloys"

Hi Karthik,

While discussing and testing the feasibility of 3D printing high strength parts such as gears and brackets for the VEXU competition, the question of whether or not commercially available plastic “alloys” such as taulman3D’s Nylon 910 are legal under VUR2.

This material is a bit more pricey than ABS or PLA (the ABS I use in the United States costs $21/Kg and Nylon 910 costs roughly $80/Kg for US), but the material is still a commercially available plastic co-polymer that should be printable on most mid-range printers that can handle ABS (it actually seems easier to print than ABS on my printer). Due to being a commercially available plastic material, it seems to be legal under VUR2, but I wanted to get clarification on the rule just to be safe.

Would commercially available fully plastic co-polymers designed for 3D printing such as Nylon 910 be legal for usage under VUR2?

This would be legal as per .