Answered: Clarification on "Definition of Scored and Scoring Issue"

(This question was originally part of this Q&A question I wrote, but was separated soon afterwards, posted unofficially by mistake, and finally posted here the next day.)

This thread describes a situation in which a Mobile Goal was touching the 10 Point Zone, but was also Supported by a Cone that was entirely in the 20 Point Zone. The original poster gave the following analysis (emphasis mine):

In the answer, it was said:

Am I correct that whenever a Goal is Supported by other Scoring Objects, the Zone in which the Goal is Scored is determined not by where the Goal would fall if the Scoring Objects were removed, but rather by which Zone(s) the Supporting Scoring Objects are touching?

Thank you for your time.

This is correct, when the Mobile Goal is not contacting a Zone and is entirely Supported by other Scoring Objects. If the Mobile Goal is contacting a Zone, that takes precedence over any Supporting Scoring Objects.