Answered: Clarification on definition "Possession": what is considered concave

“Possessing – A Robot is considered to be Possessing a Scoring Object if it is carrying, holding, or controlling the movement of any Scoring Object(s) in the Robot. Pushing/plowing Scoring Objects is not considered Possession, however using concave portions of your Robot to control the movement of Balls is considered Possession.”

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what exactly “concave” means here, but by my interpretation, a robot that has a U shape made by three pieces of C-channel connected at 90 degree angles could collect several balls and push them around. This type of action seems to match the spirit of the definition but not the letter of the definition: three pieces of metal connected at 90 degree angles are not concave (or is this my misinterpretation?), but can clearly be used to precisely control balls in a way that a concave contraption is not allowed to.

Is my interpretation correct that such a U-shaped device could push more than 4 balls? If not, could you give a precise definition of “concave”? Thanks in advance!

I felt this question would be easier to answer with a picture. Here are examples of non concave (i.e. convex) and concave Robot shapes.

(I apologize for the overly simplistic drawings.)

No, the U-Shaped device you’ve described would be considered a concave portion of the Robot, thus any Balls controlled in that portion of the Robot would be considered possessed.

(For a precise definition of concavity, that doesn’t involve PowerPoint SmartArt, please see the following.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!