Answered: Clarification on descoring

Hi, based on the earlier clarification,
If the robot that is carrying a mobile goal (R1) with cones stacked on, has been challenged by another robot (R2). R2 is trying to obstruct R1’s access to the zones. When they come into contact, R1’s cone stack fell.

Will R2 be penalized for descoring if:

  1. There’s contact made on R1’s stack
  2. There’s no contact made on R1’s stack

It is always difficult to provide blanket rulings based off of hypothetical snapshots of an entire match. However, the head referee in this situation would need to take <SG5> into consideration, quoted below for reference:

If the descoring was due to indirect contact by the opposing Robot, as your description appears to state, then yes, R2 would be considered in violation of <SG5>.