Answered: Clarification on Driver Control / Skills Loads & Tether Bots

For reference…

I’m not sure why, but any web browser I use still doesn’t show the bolded text, so I’m unaware of what specifically is being referenced. I don’t see any mention of to “Scored position” in the quoted text either, so it’s difficult to pinpoint where the rules clarify this question. Can you please separate the words that reference objects ending up in a scored position? or shed more light on this topic?

Sorry about that. I’ve edited the response to the linked Q&A with some more precise language that quotes the rule correctly! For your convenience I’ve quoted the response here:

"As you can see by the bolded text, it is illegal to impart energy to cause the Scoring Objects to end up in a position outside the Alliance Starting Tile. Rolling the Scoring Objects off the Robot and across the fence would violate this portion of the rule.

Simply put, we want Robots scoring these objects, not humans."