Answered: Clarification on entanglement between robot and remotes.

I realized that sometimes during practice with the raised fields when our robot was picking up and stacking skyrise sections, that sometimes when our robot swings around it would catch onto our cord connecting our remotes. If this were to happen in a match where our robot becomes entangled with our remote cords, what could we do? Would it be legal to reach out an untangle it without touching the robot? Or would we just have to use the controls to back out of it? In <G7> it states at the end that “Drive Team Members are not permitted to break the plane of field perimeter at any time during the match, except within the permitted interactions specified in <SG4> and <SG5>”. Based off this rule it would seem illegal to reach across to perimeter and untangle it, but would it be okay to have the arm of the robot sticking outside the perimeter so technically we wouldn’t be reaching over the perimeter but only touching the cord connected to the robot? I would hate for our team to get disqualified for something so stupid. Thanks in advance.

You may grab the cord to untangle it from the Robot, provided that you don’t break the plane of the field. If in the process of untangling the cord, you accidentally break the plane of the field, you would most likely just receive a warning as per <G7>.

Ok, thank you very much!

You’re welcome!

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