Answered: Clarification on Field Perimeter and High Hanging

**Does anyone know whether the gusset holding the high hang bar is considered to be part of the field perimeter? If not, then would it be legal to touch the gusset and achieve a high hang? **

Here is the rule:
High Hanging – A Robot is considered to be High Hanging if it is touching the Hanging Bar of its own
color and completely above the infinite plane parallel to the foam field tiles, formed by the top of the
field perimeter. A Robot that is touching the field perimeter is not considered to be High Hanging.
Note: A High Hanging Robot does not also count as a Low Hanging Robot. Only one (1) Alliance
Robot can earn points for Hanging (High or Low) during a Match.

Attached is an image of the gusset I am talking about:

Yes, this would be legal. The Hanging Bar Gusset is technically not part of the field perimeter.